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About Us

Our Mission

LACAL is a statewide network whose mission is to support and encourage high quality out of school time learning opportunities throughout Louisiana.




Andrew Ganucheau

Director of Out of School Time Quality


Advisory Council

The Louisiana Center for Afterschool Learning Advisory Council is comprised of community, afterschool, and business leaders who are responsible for the overall direction of the organization. This innovative group of leaders is charged with strategic planning and fiduciary oversight. 


Contact Andrew Ganucheau, Director of OST Quality, at

Network Values
  • Advocacy Champions: Promoting quality and access to Louisiana's out of school time programs, so together, schools, communities and families can create an inspiring day of learning for all children.

  • Community Partnerships: Building collaborations that enhance the quality of out of school time programs and account for all community stakeholders.

  • Experiential Learning: Creating educational opportunities that foster an appreciation of the core academic subjects, through experiences that transform students into passionate and self-directed learners.

  • Professional Development: Fostering highly competent staff through data driven trainings to help advance the diverse out of school time community.

  • Quality Programs: Promoting and supporting a continuous program quality improvement system that advances best practices for all of Louisiana's out of school time programs.

  • Statewide Voice: Creating a statewide network which includes a broad range of stakeholders that reaches all corners of Louisiana, with every region represented.

About the Network

In every state, an afterschool network is broadening opportunities for youth.


About the Mott Foundation's

50 Afterschool Networks

  • The 50 State Afterschool Network is the aggregate of 50 independent networks, sharing the collective impact and innovations in supporting and expanding afterschool and summer learning programs nationwide.


  • Seeking equitable outcomes for children to succeed in school and future jobs, a statewide afterschool network brings together cross-sector leaders with a common vision and coordinated strategy to advance quality afterschool and summer learning programs.


Our History

Established in 2011, with the support of The Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, the Louisiana Center for Afterschool Learning (LACAL) is one of the 50 national afterschool networks dedicated to informing policy, developing partnerships, and shaping practices to sustain and increase the quality of afterschool programs nationwide.

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