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The Louisiana Afterschool Program Quality Institute (LAPQI) was established to help programs build and advance afterschool program quality. The LAPQI is committed to equipping programs with best practices, research, and resources and offering afterschool professionals with opportunities to further their program quality commitment.


The LAPQI recognizes:

  • The need for foundational understanding among OST programs with regards to continuous quality improvement.

  • The need to deepen the skills and knowledge of OST professionals to ensure high-quality program implementation and outcomes.

About the LAPQI Toolkit

The LAPQI Toolkit provides afterschool programs with a clear and concise way to assess program quality and develop program quality improvement plans and strategies.

The LAPQI Toolkit leverages five focus areas identified through review of afterschool literature and research including:

  1. Environment (Indoor and Outdoor)

  2. Relationships and Connections

  3. Programming

  4. Youth Participation and Engagement

  5. Emergency Preparedness


Interested in learning more about afterschool program quality improvement? Download the toolkit now!

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